Data Mangement Specialist

Company Name:
Tiandi Energy
Data Management
We currently have a two immediate opens for Subsurface Data Management Specialist here in
City, Oklahoma You and will be part of the team assuming a key role in within the company meeting business requirements and expectations in the space of technical data management and therefore will be responsible for all aspects of seismic data management to include defining, documenting and enforcing standards and workflows for loading, managing and archiving 2D & 3D seismic data
Assume a active role in evaluating and recommending new seismic data management with a goal of optimizing seismic data management processes, geometry and seismic data mastering, improving business workflows and reducing seismic data cradle-to-grave life cycle times.
Assist in providing end user support for the Petrel, Landmark, Paradigm EPOS/GOCAD and other 3rd party G&G application platforms as well
Providing top-tier 2D & 3D seismic data management, analysis, loading, scaling, balancing and archival support
Be a key contact for all seismic projects and data related issues and promptly resolve all matters so as to maintain availability, integrity and quality of the seismic data within our technical computing environment
Provide technical data management support for data acquisitions
Actively participate in special projects as defined by the subsurface leadership team
Work collaboratively with Subsurface Computing leadership and peers to ensure ''best practices'' for seismic data management are being leveraged across the company
Provide top tier seismic and well data management support with a goal to ensure the best data sets are available for technical users
Liaise with the business, peers and leadership team to define, document, implement and enforce policies, procedures and standards for seismic and well data, data management, data loading, capacity management and quality assurance
Work with peers to improve user capabilities around seismic and well data by interfacing with geoscientists, geotechnicians and software vendors to resolve data issues, optimize workflows and improve integration with 3rd party software packages
Participate in and contribute to peer reviews in Subsurface Data Management.
Contribute to the definition and planning of projects then work with peers and team members in other disciplines or vendors to deliver as planned
Bachelor's degree in geoscience, petroleum engineering,
science or other relevant discipline is a plus
Minimum of 4 years recent experience working in a seismic data management role - loading and archival 2D & 3D seismic data, analysis and providing project administration in support of the Team
Working knowledge of geodetics with ability to interrogate, resolve, transform and validate spatial reference data is a plus
Strong knowledge and understanding of the seismic data lifecycle to include acquisition methodologies, processing workflows and basic interpretation workflows
Experience loading and managing geological and petrophysical data
If you are available please email updated resume to

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