Vice President of Product Development - Healthcare Software

Company Name:
Confidential Retained Client-Healthcare Software
Major Metropolitan Area - Midwest US

Our client, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the healthcare industry, is adding a key
to their Executive Leadership Team. Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President of Product Development will provide executive leadership for their existing, talented product team and ensure that the company continues to lead the sector in the successful development and commercialization of innovative enterprise technology solutions for their customers.
Our client is a leader in its space and is extremely well positioned to become the dominant leader in the category. The company has a decades-long and solid history of both organic revenue growth and growth through strategic acquisitions. Since the current private equity partner acquired the company, our client has completed the integration of prior acquisitions and recruited several key executives, including a new President/CEO with a track record of successful executive leadership in the healthcare technology industry.
This newly created role is the next step in furthering the position of our client as a high performance, highly innovative, growth-based organization. The selected individual will have a strong grounding in the healthcare information technology sector and an acknowledged track record of leading successful product development initiatives utilizing Agile development methodology.
While the person selected must have a 'roll-up-their-sleeves' leadership style; executive presence, strong presentation skills, and excellent communications skills are imperatives. Further, our client is seeking a true change-agent for this position; a leader who will architect a culture of dependable execution and delivery, while simultaneously fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration, and who will be viewed by the Product Organization as a veritable 'samurai" of healthcare technology.
An attractive and competitive compensation package including base salary, bonus, and an executive level equity position in the company is available to the individual selected to meet the challenge of this role.

Healthcare Information Technology Market Overview

At present, medical treatment requires collaboration across a continuum of healthcare providers. Hospitals (acute care), doctors' offices (ambulatory care), aging
providers (long-term care), and integrated healthcare delivery systems are increasingly seeking to implement electronic health record (EHR) systems which are advanced digital clinical systems that can engage clinicians and patients in a structured, evidence-based approach to care. Further, regulatory changes, a highly competitive environment, and other related factors have increased the demand from these healthcare delivery organizations (HDO's) to invest in and deploy technology solutions integrated with EHR systems. These corollary solutions are designed to improve the realized results of such activities as operations & staff management, financial management, business intelligence, and marketing.
Gartner estimates that, in 2012, healthcare providers spent approximately $15 billion on software in pursuit of the following benefits:
Reduce clinical variation to improve patient safety & clinical outcomes.
Move from a paper system to digital creation, recall, storage, and utilization of medical records
Enable concurrent access to online patient data in a structured format
Improve the overall efficiency of the care team
Reduce mistakes and delays in diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients
Meet patients expectations around automation and information accessibility
Improve support of payment, reimbursement and other complex accounting requirements
Generate meaningful analytics for improved operational efficiency, public health planning, and collaborative relationships with medical research organizations
Better financial results through
revenue gains
increasing capacity/resource utilization
improving profitability
reducing costs/gaining productivity improvements
Increase patient satisfaction & engagement
Improve non-patient stakeholder experience & satisfaction
Public/private payers that contract for services


As the healthcare arena is undergoing a drastic transformation with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, Meaningful use regulations, ICD-10, and countless other changes, HDO's are compelled to upgrade and implement technology to support these changes. In addition, in the US market, government subsidies of overall healthcare expenditures approach the 50% mark. Though politicians may debate the 'correct' healthcare policies, this level of subsidy does not appear sustainable in the long term. Further, at present, the US is ranked #1 in the world in terms of healthcare expenditures, but is ranked #38 in clinical outcomes. HDO's must, therefore, continue to invest heavily in order to reduce their ongoing operating costs while, at the same time, improving their clinical outcomes. Expansion of their effective use of technology is, essentially, the only solution which will enable healthcare delivery organizations to survive.

Role & Career Growth Opportunity
The Vice President of Product Development will be focused on effectively executing product development for the full suite of our client's software to support defined business objectives.
As our client's solutions are constantly evolving, the emphasis for this role will be on using external and internal inputs to define and maintain the vision, culture, structure, policies, procedures and control systems required to manage and deliver against a functional and technical product roadmap that maximizes both customer satisfaction and the business performance of the company.
A successful individual in this role will establish strong relationships with peers, customers, and other industry stakeholders. The selected individual will turn ideas into actions, and actions into results at the pace required of a leading entity in a highly competitive marketplace.

Career Growth Opportunities
Our client is a market-centric software company. The company is committed to technology innovation and leadership. This VP of Product Development will utilize and will lead development of 'leading edge' technologies
Future growth of the Product Team as a result of successful product development initiatives
Our client's private equity partner has proven to support growth-oriented acquisitions
Exceptional performance leading to expansion of the selected individual's executive responsibilities within the organization
Equity position provides a significant future wealth-creation opportunity

Role Details
Key Responsibility Areas
Responsibility Area Details
Product Development Lifecycle Management (40%)
Serve as executive owner of all product development initiatives, ensuring successful execution against commitments and providing strong leadership and motivation to the entire organization.
Architect a culture of dependable execution and delivery, while simultaneously fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration.
Provide meaningful project status information to all stakeholders to ensure organizational alignment.
Develop and maintain relevant performance metrics for the overall development lifecycle.
Oversee project timelines to identify resource gaps and scheduling conflicts to ensure timely completion of projects.
Create and enforce development standards to establish efficient use of resources.
Identify and act on opportunities to leverage tools to improve the pace and/or quality of product development activities.
Product Roadmap Management (20%)
Collaborate with Customer Advisory Boards and other stakeholders to drive product and technology strategy and refine development priorities.
Maintain internal and market-facing Product Roadmaps to align the company and customers.
Human Capital Management (20%)
Set individual and team objectives based upon overall business objectives.
Define and provide measurable goals and objectives for the team to maintain optimal performance and achieve company objectives.
Responsible for hiring, performance appraisals,
issues and planning of additional resources when needed.
Prepare staff reviews and resolve personnel issues when required.
Work with Human Resources to refine overall Human Capital Management approaches,
classifications, and reward systems to keep in sync with industry trends.
Supervisory Responsibilities - direct & indirect reports
3 Directors & Teams (70 FTE's)
Project Managers
Product Managers
Business Analysts
Technical Writers
User Experience Designers
Software Architects
Software Engineers
Quality Assurance Analysts
Business Strategy and Planning (10%)
Participate on the Executive Leadership Team, developing the overall business strategy and annual operating plans and budgets.
Develop deep knowledge and understanding of trends affecting the company, the healthcare market at large, customers, and other industry stakeholders.
Key Responsibility Areas
Responsibility Area Details
Provide Technical Advisory (10%)
Serve as the company's Technical liaison with industry associations and standards bodies.
Attends and maintains membership in relevant industry groups and trade associations.
Build and maintain relationships with key industry influencers.
Monitors key vendors and technical websites for technical updates.
Reviews current and emerging technical matters to identify product and customer impacts.
Advises the company and customers regarding technical requirements, timelines, projected impacts, etc.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Ability to lead and develop high-performing teams.
Ability to work individually and in teams to accomplish goals.
Excellent communication skills with various audiences including peer groups, customers, prospects, current and potential partners and the industry at large.
Ability to think broadly and identify opportunities or perspectives not easily seen.
Ability to build and maintain good working relationships.
Strong planning and analytical skills.
Entrepreneurial spirit.
Strong presentation and public speaking skills
Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, including strong PowerPoint, Excel, and Project skills.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in engineering,
science, or related field required.
Advanced degree is strongly preferred.
10 or more years of leadership experience within-multi project product development teams.
5 or more years of direct experience with the Agile Development process.
5 or more years of experience in healthcare software or healthcare provider organizations.
Expertise in the development of web-based and mobility-enabled enterprise SaaS solutions.
Experience with contemporary technical frameworks and services including
Web Services
Cloud Services
Relational databases
Big Data
Commercial integration engines.
Solid knowledge of the healthcare market, including the value chain, market dynamics and the political and regulatory landscape is strongly preferred.
For more information about this Executive Search, please contact:

Bart Heres
Executive Search Engagement Leader
+1 770-821-5762

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